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Title [EDS] Desalination for the Environment: Clean Water and Energy, Rome, Italy(23-25 May 2016)
Wirter roplant Date 2015-08-21 오후 6:56:35
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Exhibition space selling fast at the EDS International Conference on

Desalination for the Environment:

Clean Water and Energy

Marriott Park Hotel, Rome, Italy

23-25 May 2016

Dear Sir/Madam

With the prime location space at the forthcoming European Desalination Society (EDS) International Exhibition on Desalination and Services which runs alongside the EDS Conference selling fast; NOW is the time to book your stand.

This is an outstanding opportunity for providers of equipment and services in the desalination and wastewater reuse sector to bring their products and services to the attention of a large group of local and international delegates. Opportunities also exist for additional sponsors for the Exhibition and Conference, enabling companies to further promote their image in the sector.

The Desalination for the Environment: Clean Water and Energy Conference will overview the most recent developments in desalination technology, its cost and extent of application, including socio-economic and environmental issues. It will bring together research scientists, decision-makers, managers, design engineers and operators from water companies, industries, government departments, consulting firms, research institutes and universities.

The place of industry, research and government decision-making in this booming market will be addressed.

Why and how desalination should be integrated into the national or regional water management plans, ensuring socio-economic and environment benefits will be the focal point of the conference. For conference registration, please go to or

I will be on the International Desalination Association (IDA) Pavilion (stand number 1135) at the forthcoming IDA World Congress being held in San Diego, USA from 30 August to 4 September 2015 and I would be delighted to discuss your participation at the exhibition and the sponsorship opportunities available at the EDS Rome event in May 2016 should you be attending. Please contact me at if you wish to arrange an appointment.

With best wishes

Tracey Nolan-Shaw

Exhibition Director

ACE Event Management

Tel: +44 1902 428766



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